Registration & Tuition

Registration Information

How to Register

Registration for the upcoming academic year begins in January for Re-enrollment, and February for Open-enrollment. Please see below for tuition/fee payment schedule.

Application and Registration Process for Prospective Families

Step 1: Visit ACA or attend an Open House. The best way to see if ACA is the right fit for a prospective family is to see ACA in action. Open Houses are scheduled in the Winter and Spring.

 Step 2: Fill out the application form and submit it, along with the nonrefundable $50 application fee. (Please make checks payable to Alliance Christian Academy). (Note: Payment of the application fee does not guarantee admission to ACA and is non refundable.)

Step 3: An Interview will be scheduled with ACA’s Director. This interview allows for greater discussion of a family’s educational objectives and will determine the compatibility of ACA with each family’s educational goals and style. We understand that ACA’s style is not for everyone, and this interview will enable prospective families and ACA’s director to ensure a successful partnership relationship.

Step 4: New families will need to submit 2 Student Recommendation forms, any additional application paperwork, and the nonrefundable annual $75 registration fee.

 Admissions Policy

  • Students are admitted to ACA based on completed forms, submitted tuition and fees, and compatibility determined by the Interview Session.
  • We require that one parent be a born-again follower of Christ.
  • No child will be refused admission based on race, color or national origin.

Step 5: Registration and Tuition PaymentEnrollment is complete when all application and registration materials have been received, the Family Interview has determined compatibility, and tuition has been paid in accordance with ACA’s payment schedule.


Forms and schedules

Registration Form and Student Recommendation Form coming soon.

ACA Application pdf (PDF)/ACA Application doc(Word)

ACA Recommendation Form (PDF) |ACA Recommendation Form (MSWord)

Tuition Information

The 2018-2019 school year tuition is divided into 5 equal payments. A commitment for the entire tuition is signed and submitted by families at registration. Tuition is nonrefundable.

Tuition Payment schedule
ACA tuition is paid on the following schedule:

  • Payment I is due on or by April 15
  • Payment II is due on or by May 15
  • Payment III is due on or by June 15
  • Payment IV is due on or by July 15
  • Payment V is due on or by August 15      

Standard tuition for 5 classes is $375/course hour or $1,875/student.

Standard tuition for 4 classes is $400/course hour or $1,600/student.

Standard tuition for 3 classes is $425/course hour or $1,275/student.

Standard tuition for Study Hall is $150/hour. Students may take up to 2 Study Hall hours.

Please Note: It is ACA’s expressed objective to foster a strong community tutorial. Therefore, ACA students must take a minimum of 3 course hours.

Please Note: ACA strongly emphasizes community; therefore a student’s class schedule must include the lunch (noon) hour. 

Please Note: Your child’s space is not guaranteed in ACA until tuition is paid according to the pay schedule.

Please Note: ACA reserves the right for final determination on a student’s or family’s fit with the academy.

Individual course textbook and supply costs are in addition to tuition and are noted on each Course page. The only other Academy-related expenses that a ACA student would expect to incur are uniforms and general school supplies. Currently, ACA does not offer any discounts or scholarships.