Writing: IEW B


NOTE: For the 2018-19 school year, ACA does not plan to offer IEWb due to the current needs of our student body. We will be offering Lost Tools of Writing for our students who have completed IEWa or IEWb. If we find we have a large portion of new students interested in IEWb, we will consider adding it to our course schedule.

Prerequisite IEW Student Writing Intensive A

This course picks up where students left off with either Student Writing Intensive A or B. Student continue to use the same binder and charts, while learning new models and techniques not previously presented in the SWI.

Please note: this is the Student Writing Intensive CONTINUATION course LEVEL B.



Student Writing Intensive Continuation B course

The student’s existing IEW Student Writing Intensive A or B binder.

A pen

3×5 index cards and card holder


INSTRUCTOR: Mrs. Suzanne Rand