Writing: Lost Tools of Writing – Persuasive Essay


Lost Tools of Writing Level I is a composition curriculum for students who already have a relatively solid understanding of grammar and sentence structure and who have at least a rudimentary amount of writing experience – and, most importantly, who are ready to think for themselves. Featuring eight persuasive essays, LTW I teaches more than a dozen schemes and tropes as well as numerous skills and techniques for coming up with ideas. By the time ACA students finish the level 1 program, they will be able to write a well-organized and thorough persuasive essay and demonstrate a competency in writing. By learning to write the persuasive essay, ACA students will practice writing the basic document needed to succeed in college or career and will develop habits to help them make decisions, read hard books, and communicate effectively by clearly identifying what their point is.

Prerequisite: IEWa and IEWb (or approval by instructor)


Text and Supplies

Lost Tools of Writing Level 1 Student Workbook

Lab Fee: tbd


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