Social Studies: American History I & II

ACA students study American History in 2 cycles.
Cycle I  = 1630-1865:  Colonization  – The Civil War
Cycle II = 1849-1945: Reconstruction – WWII
There is no prerequisite for any cycle.
ACA’s core history text, America: From the Beginning, highlights God’s plan for the nation. Integrating this text with the Time Travelers curriculum for each cycle, ACA’s American History course employs a myriad of engaging hands-on activities to complement the core text. Combining solid factual study, biographical sketches, engaging hands-on activities, and a thoroughly biblical approach, ACA offers an unique and successful approach to teaching American History.

Text and Supplies:

America from the Beginning (same text used for all 3 cycles) by Answers in Genesis
1 Blank, left-side spiral bound drawing book (similar to the Conda Sketch Spiral Paper Pad or the Drawing Book)
1 set colored pencils or thin-line markers
1 scissors
5 glue sticks
$25 copy fee

Instructor: Ms. Michelle Crouthamel