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PLEASE NOTE: ACA is currently working on the course offering listing for the 2018-2019 school year. It is our goal to expand our course offerings to further meet the homeschooling needs in our area. Check back with us in December for updates. 


ACA currently offers both academic and enrichment classes for students in 6th-8th grade, with the vision to grow to include high school level courses as well. ACA students may elect to enroll for the whole school day (5 course hours), or select to enroll for either 4 or 3 course hours. As ACA emphasizes community, all students are to be present for lunch hour (noon) regardless of the number of classes selected. Our 2017-2018 classes are below.

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2017-2018 Class Schedule+

Classroom A Classroom B  Classroom C Classroom D
10:00-10:55 Writing: IEWB contd. Writing 8 n/a Studyhall
11:00-11:55 Science: Apologia Intro to Chem/Physics* Physical Science n/a Studyhall
12:00-12:55 LUNCH
1:00-1:55 Latin Intro: Latina Christiana Math 6/7 Apologetics Fall + Apologetics Spring n/a
2:00-2:55 First Aid Fall + Music Appreciation Spring Geography* American History Cycle 1 n/a
3:00-3:55 Public Speaking Fall + Drama Spring Biztown/Personal Finance  n/a

*Intro to Chemistry & Physics alternates with Anatomy each year. American History and Geography operate on a 3 year cycle (Geography, American History 1, American History 2). See the Geography/American History course pages for more information.

+Subject to change per course enrollment.

Links to course textbooks and supplies are located on each course page. These links (to are solely for the purpose of obtaining the correct materials. You may obtain those text and supplies anywhere of your choosing.


ACA Recommended Course Sequence

ACA’s Recommended Course Sequence (RCS) of classes is noted below. Although students are not limited to the RCS, those students following ACA’s RCS will be given first priority into classes. As ACA limits our class size to 15 students, enrollment in an ACA course is based upon the RCS and then upon the date a student registers.

6th 7th 8th
Science*: Intro Chem/Physics Science*: Intro Chem/Physics Science Science: Physical Science
Writing: 6th Writing: 7th Writing: 8th
Social Studies: Geography Social Studies: American History I Social Studies: American History 2
Latin: Intro Latina Christiana Latin: 1st Form Elective: Apologetics or Drama
Elective: Music Appreciation + Drama Elective: Biztown/Personal Finance Elective: Public Speaking + FirstAid/Caregiving
*alternates years with Anatomy “3 cycles alternate years


General Course Information… 

ACA divides subjects between home and class. However, ACA understands that the responsibility for the education of a child rests with the parents. Our classes are designed to assist, not replace, the parent in homeschooling. However, we strive to assist home educators by keeping the bulk of course work in the classroom. Our academic course pages will note the estimated time a student should expect to work on the subject outside of class. Our elective classes are designed to have little to no homework outside of class.Academy teachers are carefully selected on the basis of Christian faith and character, experience, gifting by God in teaching, degrees and certifications. Our classes are limited to 12 students to enable our instructors to provide an engaging learning environment.

ACA does offer the option of standardized testing in May. (Additional fee)