ACA Team

ACA oversight is provided by its Executive staff and by an advisory Board of Directors made up of Christian believers with experience in education, business, nonprofits, marketing, management, technology and homeschooling. Their expert oversight and prayerful leadership set and solidify the course of ACA’s development and management. ACA’s team includes those instructors and administrators with a heart and passion for Jesus, the training of children, and the commitment to family. They are committed Christian role models and are skillfully qualified.

Tammy Erickson, Executive Director/Founder

Tammy received her Bachelors in both Marketing and Management from Anderson University, and continued with advanced studies in Nonprofit Administration. She is the founder of Alliance Christian Academy (Franklin, TN) and Central Ohio Christian Academy (Columbus, OH), and has served in the educational field as a substitute teacher in the public and private sector. She is also the creator of Practical Princess, a Biblically-based etiquette program. She is currently homeschooling two wonderful children in addition to her work for ACA.

Teresa Gresham, ACA Director & Biztown/Personal Finance

Teresa has been homeschooling for 12 years. She has been actively involved as an administrator, board chairperson, and tutor in local programs teaching several classes including Junior Achievement and Economics. She and her husband have owned a mechanical engineering company for 16 years, giving Teresa experience in entrepreneurship, finance and management. Teresa’s classes are engaging, practical and fun, making it easy for students to bring theory into reality.

Michelle Crouthamel, Latin & American History

Michelle received her Bachelor of Arts in English and her Master of Science in Speech & Hearing Sciences from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she met her husband, Shawn. Michelle is a life-long learner and loves children. She enjoys teaching Sunday school, homeschooling her two children, Cade and Abbott, as well as teaching classes in Latin, History, Grammar, Writing and Art. Michelle is passionate about Jesus and strives to keep our wonderful Creator in the classroom at all times. When not preparing lessons, Michelle is often at the baseball field, football field, basketball court of volleyball court watching her children’s games.

Jennifer Yancey, Science Intro to Chemistry & Physics

Jennifer received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Utah.  She taught at Trinity Christian School in Guam while her husband Christopher was serving in the Air Force.  She also worked with children in the behavioral health field.  Jennifer has homeschooled for 13 years and has two children, Heidi and Claire.  She has taught in co-op and small group settings throughout her homeschooling years.  Jennifer is passionate about fostering curiosity and creativity in any learning environment, as well as connecting all that is amazing and beautiful about the world back to our Creator.  Jennifer lives in Franklin with her husband Christopher, daughters Heidi and Claire, and their black lab, Millie. 


Gwendolyn Woods, Home Economics/Drawing

Gwenn received a diploma in nursing in 1978 and practiced pediatric/adolescent and intensive care nursing for eight years. When she wasn’t working at the hospital, she was painting murals in her nursing unit and doing art projects with her patients. She developed an interest in environmental design while working with architects and interior designers redesigning the pediatric care unit, and subsequently went back to college to earn a BFA in Environmental Design from Bowling Green State University. She worked for eight years with architectural firms designing medical facilities before becoming a stay at home mom to her two adopted children, Tori and Alex. She served as a teacher’s aide and substitute teacher in Scottsdale, Arizona for three years before homeschooling her children. After moving to Tennessee eight years ago, she began teaching Fine Arts (Visual Arts, Music Appreciation, Drama, Art, Drawing, Environmental Design) and Health to grades K-12 in the Franklin area. Gwenn also assists with Ignite, a program that engages students in career path experiences for business. Gwenn’ lives in Franklin with her husband, Jerry, son Alex (when he’s not away at Samford University), and dog, Sophie. 


Suzanne Rand, Writing

A native Arkansasan, Suzanne received her Bachelor’s degree in Education/English from the University of Arkansas and her Master’s degree in Education/English from the University of Central Arkansas. She has taught in both public and private schools with over twenty years of experience. She and her husband Art moved to Thompsons Station five years ago to be near their grown children, Christopher and Mary Katherine. As well as teaching IEW B at ACA, Suzanne is now tutoring two homeschoolers. In her spare time, she is an avid reader and knitter and mother to three miniature dachshunds.

Coming Soon, Geography, Literature, Logic, Apologetics, Physical Science, General Science